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Sorry, only virtual shrimp sandwiches for now.

A virtual shrimp sandwich

Don't forget to try our blueberry porridge too!

A virtual blueberry porridge

If you don't speak a Scandinavian language, you do not have to understand this page.

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Historical note: this site went public on 2003-03-22 17:34:34 UTC, about a month after the 'xn--' IDN prefix was announced. Only minutes later was the e-mail address below working. A couple of hours later, this page was linked from the GNU Libidn home page on www.gnu.org. Does that make this the first public site on the Internet using a non-ASCII domain name? Inquiring minds want to know.

Simon Josefsson <simon@räksmörgås.josefßon.org>
Simon Josefsson <simon@xn--rksmrgs-5wao1o.josefsson.org>